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David Monro-Jones
International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring


As a Master Life Coach, my main focus is based on reconstructing people’s lives, either their personal or professional side. My reconstruction plan englobes all ages, considering that my studies includes the Person from all his aspects and age.


You might miss everything just by missing one element of life’s secrets.
There’s a great knowledge when Walking beside the path of life and not under nor above it.



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Adults & Adolescents
  • Causes of Stress
  • Familial Disturbances
  • Motivation for a Healthy Psychological & Physical Style of Life
  • Mastering Relationships
  • “Know-How-Why”

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  • Coach Anna is the best! I thank her for all her support and advices.
    She is the best mother, the best life coach, the best listener and I appreciate her so so much!
  • I can’t believe the magic coach Anna has done to my spirit!
    She raised me from the darkness. I’m back to accept people and myself. She helped me understand the obstacles that ruined my love..
    Most thankful for her help. Can’t describe my gratitude!
  • Dear Coach Anna.
    Thank you so much for your continuous support throughout my life. You are the best!
  • I really appreciated the sessions with Anna Maria. I was able to enhance my writing skills and avoided deleting messages.
  • I did 18 sessions with Anna Maria and she is always beside me regardless all she had neve leave me behind my life was totally a mess before I meet her she changes everything’s I get to the point I see life differently even the circumstance didn’t change she change Ur perspective in life and transform it into wisdom with some touch of harmony and smartness she is really a real leader and professional life coach.
  • Coach Anna, you were able to make the right transformations in my thinking, feelings and final behaviors that saved my family.  You changed everything in my life and truly reconstructed it again.  A recognition is not enough !”
  • Anna, you played a major role in our marriage and life. I can’t thank you enough for that !your words, support and empathy pushed us to do   the right thing in our life. We are really thankful!
  • Sometimes you know what is wrong and all you need is someone to help you tune your life with positivity and logic, I was really lucky to have met the greatest coach, who helped me a lot focusing on whats best for my path and to link my body  mind and soul) together. Mrs. Anna helped me a lot discovering who I really am and to love myself and accept who I am.

    22 June 2022

  • Coach Anna Maria Deserves a Big Recognition!
    Coach Anna Marie deserves a BIG recognition because her words are just unbelievable that I’m still surprised what I heard till today.
    She brings the whole TRUTH so that you can be FREE!
    Anna Maria is the most kindest person I’ve ever seen and visiting her feels like going to HEAVEN!
  • Bonjour Anna,
    I just want to tell you that no matter what I am doing your words are always with me.
  • Going to Psychologist Anna Maria Rizk, is like going to hospital to get yourself treated and be healed and freeing yourself from the darkness and old-self.
    The most important thing I have learned is to value myself more and to believe in myself in whatever step I want to take.
    And also that I do not allow anyone to dictate to me what to do no matter what.
    it’s my own life and my own decisions.
  • Man vision:
    “I didn’t think the session would have an impact on my life, but since leaving it, I’ve been thinking about what we talked about and how transparent I was, as well as how professional and natural the session was! One of my best life experiences and breaking free from the expressions “Me” and “You” by utilizing “We”. Thank you very much, to Mrs. Anna Abi Chahine, a master life coach I’m speechless”.
    Woman vision:
    “I was having some issues with my Fiancé, and we were having some difficulties… We had a lot of fights until one day I felt like I was going to suffocate… I couldn’t find a solution, a clear answer… So, as a pair, we decided to go to Mrs. Anna Abi Chahine, a master life coach. She was the only option available to me. She is a type of wellness professional, and when speaking with her, she helped me see a clearer vision of myself, she highlighted my goals, and most importantly, she clarified the hurdles that were holding me back and came up with methods… I had a sense of inner serenity as I spoke with her. I just want to express my gratitude for her time and for being the kindest person I’ve ever met”.
    Couple Vison
  • I would like to thank Anna Maria for her dedicated work through  my coaching  sesions with her because she was keen to study and understand my needs to provide me with valuable and accurate information that serves my interest to the maximum benefit possible. She was also keen to provide the additional time necessary to finish the sessions, and all that concerned her was always the interest and benefit of the client.
     For all of the above, I consider myself lucky and thankful because I dealt with her as a life coach and got an excellent result and knowledge through my sessions with her.
    AnnaMaria has provided me invaluable service.
     In addition, she is an intelligent, polite,  elegant and a   wonderful lady to deal with.
     All gratitude and thanks to you AnnaMaria Abichahine.
  • Thanks for taking the time.
    Thank you for being a generous soul and a beautiful spirit in a world that could use a million more people just like you…
  • Thanks so much for everything you’ve done and for all that you continue to do.
    You’re the best, and you’re appreciated more than words can say.
  • Anna Maria Abi Chahine: مهارة وشطارة مع العلم والخبرة
    مغلفة كلها بالأخلاق والاحترام لشخصها ولزبائنها
    تجعل من الشخص اليائس متفائل، تحول الدمعة إلى بسمة
    تعيد لك الأمل بالمستقبل دون ان تنسَ ان تتكل بكل بداية ونهاية على قوة الله

    coach Life هذه هي ال
    مدام انّا.ماريا ابي شاهين

    شكرًا من القلب على كل مجهود قدمتيه إلينا على الصعيد العائلي والشخصي

  • Anna Maria Abi Chahine: Faire votre connaissance a été une très belle expérience .

    Merci pour votre proféssionalisme etvotre savoir faire sans précédent

  • Miss Anna-Maria
    First, it was an honor to meet you.
    Secondly, thank you, because from the first session, you gave me hope again, for the possibility of change for a better life
    at any time ,provided that the decision is taken.
  • “I want to send my gratitude to clarify my problem which lost by it many years ago this is the first time i know how to love myself and feel safe from inside as a starting which is a good step.”
  • “I have been listening to your words of wisdom and I have learned so much from you as a professional person, really it’s absolutely amazing, you have a very open and helping personality, you dive in deep and you work hard for the right direction we need in life to go in. With no doubt that you’re so special and professional and you mix the Beauty & Skills”
    Mario Khoury
  • “Life coaching helped me quickly breeak throught blocks so that more is accomplished with less struggle and less effort. Honeslty Anna helped me to reach my goals not so much by giving me brilliant advice as by encouraging me to ask the right questions – questions that help me transmit my perspective in empowring ways.
    Thank you for all your support.”
  • “Wow, so many beautiful things to write about Anna-Maria Rizk Abi-Chahine as Life Coaching. Since the first day I met her in a  Study Buddy Group she showed  her  vivid, honest, passionate style. She is not only intelligent, professionally, a woman of word, integrity, amazingly intuitive but as well she loves us enough to challenge.  I love her encouragements and ability to make us feel trusted, loved, accepted.
    She has helped me to understand things from a new perspective, thanks also to her Knowledgeable Philosophical background.  The exercise we made together during our coaching session definitely, resigned in me. It is kind I am looking forward to seeing this happening in my life so we can celebrate together. For sure I recommend her as Life Coaching.  I love you Anna- Maria.”
    Silvana Koenig from Zuerich, Switzerland
  • “Ana is excellent professional! Her exceptional intuition and natural ability to go deep beyond words result in powerful process of producing useful insight and amazing results for shortest time.
    Her warm personality provides the support that everyone needs in times of consideration.
    I have taken some of the most important decisions in my life after we worked together, where she
    helped me to raise my awarenesses and clarify significant points of view regarding the discussed.”
    Tsvetelina Asenova
  • “Anna is the most incredible coach and friend as well.
    Will definetly solve any issue in no time.”
    Linda A.H
  • “Really loving and empathetic coach. Naturally there when you need her. Very deep, compassionate partner to move along with on your individual path.. ✨✨”
  • “The thing that valued the most was looking at things from different perspective, in a more positive side. It really helped clear some things and find out about missed opportunities and definitely helped me notice current ones.”
  • “Following a series of unfortunate events in my life, I had to reach someone to understand, influence, and guide me. That’s when i reached Anna-Maria Abi Chahine. A wonderful and caring person who helped me develop weapons to deal with joys, the sorrows, relationships and everyday challenges that I had to face. Anna-Maria has helped me identify and find my my strength. With her help, I learned how to become a new person and embrace my new beginnings.”
  • “Dear Anna Maria thank you so much. I couldn’t have managed without your help. Words are not enough to express HOW greatful I am for you help.
    I will always remember your kindness and support thank you very much.”
  • “I have worked with Anna on several deeper, personal issues. These issues were deeply emotional for me, and i have been struggling with them for a while. Anna is a very patient coach. She took me slowly, at my own pace through various exercises on digging into the issues that held me back, clearing the feelings that were painful, and discovering my beliefs and values in life. Thanks to her coahcing work with me i had many sessions where i experienced emotional release, increased clarity about my blockages, and a stronger sense of committment towards my goal. She helped me see my inner worth and have an increased sense of the value of my dreams. Anna’s style is gentle, yet firm, intuitive and penetrating. I would recomend Anna to everyone.”
    Boris Pavlov
  • “These sessions helped me to find my self and to know who I truly am, in addition it helped me understanding the people who surrounds me and helped me overcome many difficulties in my daily life. Nevertheless , it’s an uplifting experience which had an great impact on my life and kept me more motivated and enthusiastic in everything I do.”
  • “لقد استفدت من خلال جلستي معك كانت تجربة مميزة و فريدة من نوعها كوني لاول مرة اعرفك كنت قريبة و كنت مصدر ارتياح لي لهذا السبب قد نجحت بان اوصلك ما كنت عاجزة عن تعبيره في حياتي الشخصية كنت قدوة و مفتاح لمشكلتي الاساسية لقد توصلت بان افهم جيدا سبب مشكلتي في حياتي
    It was a unique experience. You succeeded in helping me detect the main problem in my life.
    I understood it and became aware of it to an extend that enabled me to solve it.”
  • “I had Great sessions with anna and she is very nice and trustworthy and I love her very much because She understood my case and she helped me be another person than I was before”
  • “Anna is truely exceptional . Aside from her professionalism and patience, she is very supportive and great in what she does. My experience with her was outstanding. Through her constant support I was able to advance in my case and believe more in myself. Working with her was very beneficial and I would reccomend Anna to everyone.”
  • “My daughter was in very bad state and after seeing Anna for several sessions, enormous changes happened in her life; what she refused to do, now she takes full responsibility toward ❤”
  • “I wish there were thousands of copies of u. U do change the world.”
  • “اريد ان اشكر السيذة انا مريا على العمل الذي فعلته مع ابني الذي تغيرت حياته الى الأفضل بعد استشارة السيدة وأريد أن لا يتأخر احد في الاخذ بعين الاعتبار بادارتها لحياتنا وشكرأ”
  • “I would like simply to say that the effect of this lady on my life was amazing.”
  • “My testimonial to my amazing Life Coach Anna Maria and how she picked up on important points so I was able to find myself:
    As a result of the coaching with Anna Maria she really made me think about what it was I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I would have never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, ultimately finding the right job for me! Her coaching was invaluable and helped me move forward with my career goals. She gave me the drive and determination to see where I wanted to go. This has also given me a totally new way of looking at my life. It has been an amazing journey because am enjoying my life more as I feel more confident and am finally able to do the things that I want to do. I have the positive attitude to carry on with the changes I have and am putting in place.<br />I cannot thank Anna Maria enough.”
  • “I can’t explain how you changed me in a way that is unexplainable!
    It’s like wonders have been made! Thank you!”
  • “Working with Ana Maria it was an unforgettable experience. She has so much empathy, warmth, compassion and understanding that are I believe are a great skills of the good coach.
    I learned from her a lot about human rapport and new possibilities in how to see my life from other perspectives, and all based on my own values. She helped me explore all my options and realize that I can really change/transform my life all alone.”
  • “Anna rebuilt my confidence in a few sessions and equipped me with the tools to face life’s hardships.”
  • “The session with Anna was educational & a true eye opener to how we can embrace life to live happily beyond our daily struggles.
    Best of luck Anna in driving impact in every person’s life through these coaching sessions, you made a true impact in mine.”
  • “:استاذة الجامعة في الهندسة الداخلية راشيل
    ما أعطته السيدة انا هو ضروري لكل مربي واستاذ. واسلوبها شيق جذاب متماسك ومتسلسل ومقنع.
    Dr. Rachel, university professor of interior design:
    “The conference that Mrs Anna presented is essential to every educator and responsible. Her style is attractive, exciting, well structured, hierarchical and persuasive.”
    Dr. Rachel
  • “:الاستاذ الجامعي في الهندسة مارون
    كم نحن بحاجة ان نبتعد عن الحكم على الآخر الذي هي طبيعة في المجتمعات
    اسلوب انا ماريا يحرك التفكير والتحليل ويصل ال ى عمق القلب والاعتراف بمنطق القلب الذي يعلو على منطق العقل
    Dr.Maroun university professor in architecture:
    We are in desperate need to stay away from judging others; specially now adays in our societies.
    Anna Maria’s style of Lecture, initiate us to go even beyond the mind and get to the bottom of the Heart, in order to recognize the logic of the heart, which overwins the logic of the mind”
    Dr. Maroun
  • “Anna Maria is not only an aspiring life coach to young adults and adults in general, but she’s also an insightful person as well as a wonderful warm human being, who enables you to walk through life, understand it, and choose what you need of it. She can be your teacher and have you as a best friend at heart!!!”
  • “My life is no different than any other girl who has finished her university and started working with hope of finding her career satisfaction.
    I always wanted to learn and work insomething else other than what I learned in university but I had no clue how to switch or from where to start. Here is where i shared my thoughts with Ana Maria, where she have opened my horizons to the possibility of making my passion coming true!
    Through her coaching I have realized that anything is possible by determination, time management and one step at a time to make my dream come true!
    Maria is a warm and an amazing person who would give all she has to open the possibilities in the lives of others. I am really thankful to be coached by Maria ❤❤❤”
  • “Grand et petit, jeunes ou vieux, on a tous besoin d’être soigner par une Lifecoach.
    Personnellement je trouve qu’une Lifecoach est indispensable dans la vie.
    Orthophoniste, psychologue …. tu peux tout essayer mais tu n’auras jamais le même résultat qu’avec une Lifecoach, spécifiquement avec quelqu’un comme Anna”
  • “Your positivity, your caring, your generosity and your empathy towards me, are healing me day after day ❤; What you are giving me, is a treasure for my everyday life”
  • “The first time i came to u, I felt that doors can be open for me. Today I have far more advanced in my personal life.
    I am so grateful to you dear Anna, for saving my relationship in a magical way.”
  • “I was a prisoner of my own doubts and fear. Seing Anna reassured me that people do make mistakes and can be wrong, but they can also stand up again to find happiness and motivation again. Thank you Anna.”
  • « Ma vie a changer… je veux dire anna la changer. “
    Apres 12 séances inoubliables avec anna jai apri tellement de chose: comment vivre ,comment survivre ,comment améliorer la façon de virvre… tellement de chose inécrivable. Tout a commencer avec un coup téléphone a Anna . D’abord je croyais que une Lifecoach est comme un médecin qui fait des picures pour soigner les enft “malade” qui on peur de cette picure … javai peur daller voir anna mais apres 3-4 seance l’effet a commencer à appertre . Quand jai commencer a lui expliquer de quoi jai besoin je me suis dire quelle ne seura jamais m’aide mais a la 4 eme seance elle me sort une phrase qui décrit parfaitement ma cituation.
    Anna a changer ma facon de penser , Plus je discute avec elle plus je découver des milliers de chose . Je découvrer plusieur chose qui changer mais quon navez pa parler de sa… je peux rester des heur a vs expliquer q’une Lifecoach est INDISPENSABLE et quon a tous besoin dune comme anna ( qui travail de son coeur)
    Je remercie anna de tout mon coeur je lui souhaite tout le courage …. ❤”
  • “I dont know really from where i should start my testimonial about Anna Maria.
    The day i knew her, my life totaly changed in unexpected ways.
    she is not a doctor , she is a mixture of perfect treatment , compassion, genius in a magical ways.”
  • “Going to Psychologist Anna Maria Rizk, is like going to hospital, to get yourself treated and be healed and freeing yourself from the darkness and old-self”
  • “I guess the thing about Coach Anna-Maria is that she’s got a gift.
    I appreciated in her approach her dedication,strength,
    understanding,compassion,her will to grab the reason of your pain and point it out to you in a magical way -as no psychologist has ever did before.
    The thing is not only about knowledge, but it’s also about talent & passion .
    They’re all in there, as a magical ring on the finger of this beautiful lady who put me on the tracks as never before.
    Thank you”
  • “life coach Anna Maria Rizk Chahine….من خلال رحلتي مع
    -تعلمت أن كل انسان لديه قيم
    ، وهذه القيم تتفاعل ما أسس بناء دولاب الحياة (العائلة، الحب، المال، … )
    – تعلمت كيف أتعامل وأفهم وأقدر أقرب الناس إلي والذين قيمهم بعيدة كل البعد عن قيمي ؛ لم أكن أفهم ففهمت.
    – تعلمت أن أكون من أريد.
    – تعلمت الكثير عن نفسي التي كنت أجهلها.
    – تعلمت واحترمت نفسي ومشاعري وحياتي، و …
    شكرًا أنا ماريا رزق شاهين
    لك مني كل الاحترام”
  • “Love you and missed u to the moon and back…
    U will be so surprised about the person u will meet soon..
    I feel I Amnew soul. You are mybackbone for ever.. My support i love you Coach.
    Thank you tremendously. “
  • “I want to begin just with 3 words
    I love u so much
    Big difference between now and few months back.
    My self esteem my attitude and even my soul are risin up and up after every session every call and every voice from u my coach. No tears no fears there’s always a positive view for every daily story with people or with myself. I can’t imagine anymore my attitude before..
    The way i was talking thinking and feeling. U teached me how to love myself how to look just for my relaxing zone and to care about feelings first with any one in this world. U teached me how to be happy in ny sad days how to create something positive of any situation that makes me down.
    All the respect all the love for u my dearest coach for ur time for ur help and ur special coaching.”
  • “I’m having a most stress and anger and everything this months, and then I reread some of few page where you said “if you shut the doors by being fanatic, u will never have chances to progress now or in the future” really made me silent.
    Your words are powerful. I honestly would have been in endless battle without you. You taught me to be malleable with my self confidence.”
  • “One year ago, i was stuck, &nbsp;not knowing where to head, until I discussed with you my problems, and here I am, happy and feeling blessed, thanks to you Anna. Grateful is not enough to express the changes thay happened in my life.”