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Credentials and Certifications of Master Coach Anna”

-Master Life Coach (AMC) – Accredited from The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring
-Certified NLP Diploma (INLPTA, USA)
-Master Practitioner in NLP
-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (C.B.T)
-Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
-Reiki Healing Certificate (Lebanon)
-NLP Elegant Coaching (England)
-Masters degree in Philosophy (USEK)


Final Coach Assessor with Noble Manhattan Coaching.

A profound, focused and professional session from a coach who unfailingly focused on the client’s agenda, whilst exploring the underlying values and life changes that had generated the issue.

The session had a conversational mode, as between two friends, with rapport being built quickly and easily with voice tone, pitch and pace being congruent and gently matching and mirroring the client. Anna Maria also showed, humour, enthusiasm and unconditional positive regard.

The periods of silence while the client focused on some deep and significant questions were well held and it was evident that Anna Maria was paying significant attention to the client’s visual language patterns.

Agenda focus was excellent in that Anna Maria utilised questions that focused on the outcome and the client’s deeper underlying values and life balance by using Towards/Away from within the wheel of Life to successfully illustrate the benefits and the challenges of his conflicting roles as his identity was reforming as he moved into active semi-retirement.

Intuition was not “Flagged up” yet it was evident from the flow of the questions that Anna Maria trusted her intuition or hunches and applied these seamlessly as required.

The Skype connection was good, though not perfect and on three occasions the client could not hear the questions, and Anna Maria quickly repeated and rephrased them for additional clarity.

Challenges were not noticed as “Challenges” rather Anna Maria’s voice tone and wording showed inquisitive positive concern. Requests were clear and focused around inner work using an innovative version of the Wheel of Life, which was successful and rewarding for the client.

VHF awareness was clear and evident.

The session stared exactly on time and was completed successfully with a few seconds 30 minutes, with a full resolution of the client’s agenda.

This was a session that was managed by Anna Maria with calm assurance that quickly manifested into a thorough exploration of the issues, values and concerns that underpinned the issue and enabled the client the recognise these and form workable strategies for their resolution.

There is a key to each person
Communication with clarity
Constructive stimulation of ideas
Trust the process for healing purposes
Eliminate difficulties to move forward
Overcome addiction with guided compassion and understanding
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